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Digital fundraising toolkit

Check out the digital tools below to boost your fundraising and help even more animals! To download, either right click or hold your thumb on the image, then save to photos.

+ Images to post/share to social media

Show your donors the impact of their generosity. Remember, every gift makes a difference!

Use these images for a social media post about how every donation impacts animals at AHS.

Social image Social image

Social image Social image

Social image Social image

Social image Social image

Social image Social image

Download these images to share on your Facebook and Instagram stories.

Social image Social image

Use these "Support my fundraiser” images to help inspire more donations on social media. 

Social image 1 Social image 2

Social image 3 Social image 4

Social image 5 Social image 6

Social image 7 Social image 8

Social image 9 Social image 10

Social image 11 Social image 13

Social image 12 Social image 13

Download these images and use them as your Facebook cover photo.

Social image Social image

Social image Social image

Social image Social image

Share your progress! As you hit your fundraising milestones, share these images with your network and inspire donors to help you cross the finish line.

Social image Social image

Social image Social image

Once you raise $1,000 for your Walk fundraiser, share this Walk Star graphic and celebrate the amazing impact you’ve made for animals!

Social image

Are you connected to AHS on social media? Keep in touch and share AHS content as part of your fundraising efforts!

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, TikTok, and YouTube.

+ Sample text for social posts

Use the posts below as inspiration for fundraising on your social media channels. Fill in the blanks provided or edit them to fit your fundraising style.

Post 1: Be a hero for animals

Animals have played a huge role in my life and supporting animals in need has always been important to me. Every year, thousands of local dogs, cats, and critters find shelter, safety, and love at Animal Humane Society. Together, we have an opportunity to make a difference for them. Will you please help me by supporting my Walk for Animals fundraiser? You can be their hero — and mine. [Insert a link to your Walk for Animals fundraiser.]

Post 2: Have a little fun

We could all use a little fun in our lives right now, so let’s play a game. I’m supporting a cause I care about — Animal Humane Society — through the Walk for Animals. For every $10 donation I receive this week, I’ll tell you what animal I think you’re most like and why! Donate now to help local animals and have a little fun! [Insert a link to your Walk for Animals fundraiser.]

Post 3: Share your pet’s story

Animals have the power to change our lives. [My pet’s name] has shown me that. [Insert your pet’s story: How did you meet? How have they made a difference in your life?] There are currently hundreds of local animals like [my pet’s name] at Animal Humane Society and they’re waiting for a second chance. We can help them find it. Please donate to my Walk for Animals fundraiser and support animals in need! [Insert a link to your Walk for Animals fundraiser.]

+ "Support my fundraiser" text message images

Share your fundraiser via text with friends and family. Don’t forget to include a link to your personal fundraising page.

Text image 1 Text image 2

Text image 3 Text image 4

+ Virtual meeting backgrounds

Spread the word about the Walk by downloading these images and setting them as your background during virtual meetings

Text image 1 Text image 2

+ Walk for Animals video

Share our Walk for Animals commercial with your networks to promote your fundraising.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out Desoto’s story and show your donors how their support can change lives.

+ Walk for Animals posters

Download and print a Walk for Animals poster for individuals or for teams, then hand out your posters to neighbors or hang them up around your office, apartment building, or local coffeeshop.

+ Printable donation tracker form

Please send cash and check donations to Animal Humane Society (Attn: Donor Services, 845 Meadow Lane N, Golden Valley, MN 55422) with a completed Donation Tracker form. For mailed donations to be counted toward prizes, your offline gifts must be postmarked by Friday, May 10.

All mailed cash and checks received by Wednesday, May 1, will be entered and appear on each Walker's record by Saturday, May 4. Gifts that arrive in the mail after that date will not be added until after the Walk. Rest assured, all gifts postmarked by May 10 will count toward your fundraising total and the prizes you’ll earn.

It's important to use the Donation Tracker form so donors (especially those making cash donations) receive acknowledgement and a donation receipt.

If you have additional questions or need assistance tracking down a missing donation, please contact us by filling out our contact form or calling 763-432-4841.


Did you know...

Email header images and sample emails you can send to your donors are available in your Participant Center! If you have any questions on navigating your Participant Center, fill out our contact form or call 763-432-4841.