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Walk for Animals FAQ

Smiling Corgi enjoying the Walk for Animals

What is the Walk for Animals?

The Walk for Animals is Animal Humane Society’s largest and most important fundraising event of the year. The Walk is a celebration of the human-animal bond and all the important work Animal Humane Society does to bring people and pets together — work that’s only possible thanks to our community of supporters. Most importantly, the Walk is your opportunity to have an incredible impact on animals in need. This year's Walk will be held on Saturday, May 1.

What’s new this year?

The Walk is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year on Saturday, May 1, and you’re invited to have an even bigger impact on animals in need. We look forward to sharing amazing fundraising incentives, opportunities to change lives and have fun, and our first-ever Walk for Animals celebration week beginning on April 26.

How can I participate?

1. Register for the Walk to let animals know they can count on you.

2. Fundraise to help us continue our life-saving work.

3. Spread the word to family and friends who want to make a difference.

4. Join in on the virtual Walk on Saturday, May 1 at 10 a.m.

Where and when is the Walk for Animals?

The 2021 Walk for Animals will be held virtually in neighborhoods across Minnesota — and beyond. At 10 AM on Saturday, May 1, lace up your shoes, leash up your pets, and take a stroll for second chances! Your walk route may be around your block, at a local hiking trail — it might even be on your treadmill. What matters is that you’re supporting second chances every step of the way.

How long is the Walk? Is there a requirement?

Whether you walk around the block, around the entire neighborhood, or walk in place on your treadmill, you’ll be making a difference for animals. Plus, you’ll be part of a virtual movement of animal lovers who are all walking for animals at the same time. A virtual walk means you can set your own pace and distance while making a difference.

Will you still be hosting early check-in events?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be hosting check-in events. All prizes will be mailed directly to participants after the 2021 Walk for Animals. Please mail cash and check donations that you’d normally turn in during check-in to:

Attn: Donor Services
Animal Humane Society
845 Meadow Lane N
Golden Valley, MN 55422

Are there incentives to fundraise?

Yes! We appreciate the time and energy you put into fundraising for the Walk. Our awesome prizes serve as a small token of our immense thanks for helping animals in our community.

How do I collect the prizes I’ve earned?

On May 12, we’ll email a prize redemption form to all Walkers who qualified for prizes. After you complete the form, we’ll ship your awesome prizes right to your door free of charge. You’ll also have the option to donate the cost of your prizes back to AHS if there are prizes you don’t want or need to redeem.

How do I confirm my donations and earn my prizes?

All funds raised online through your Walk page or social media are counted automatically.

Please mail all offline donations (cash and checks) with your completed Donation Tracker form as well as any matching gift forms to the address below. These funds will be added to your Walk fundraising total.

Attn: Donor Services
Animal Humane Society
845 Meadow Ln N
Golden Valley, MN 55422

I mailed in checks and/or cash. Why aren't those gifts appearing on my personal page?

Thank you for your generosity! We’re hard at work opening mail and counting gifts from supporters like you. Rest assured, all gifts postmarked by May 7 will count toward your fundraising total and the prizes you’ll earn. If you have questions about your fundraising totals, please email walk@animalhumanesociety.org, and we’ll respond as soon as we’re able. Thank you!

Are gifts made toward the Walk for Animals tax deductible?

Yes, all charitable donations toward the Walk for Animals and Animal Humane Society are tax deductible. Speak with your financial advisor for more information.

If your questions aren't answered here, please call the Walk helpline at 763-432-4841 or email walk@animalhumanesociety.org.