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Top fundraisers and teams

For more than 50 years, we’ve been inspired by your passion, love, and commitment. Every dollar raised for the Walk for Animals changes lives — and these top fundraisers are leading the pack.

Want to see your name on this list? Visit our Fundraising Tips & Tools page for ideas and resources that'll make your fundraising efforts a big success!

Walk Star fundraising club

Walk Stars are especially passionate Walk participants who raise $1,000 or more for the Walk for Animals. These stars of fundraising make our mission possible day after day, year after year — and we couldn’t be more grateful.

To show our appreciation, Walk Stars receive exclusive perks during the Walk for Animals, including a special commemorative button, access to a reserved area of the Fairgrounds, and more!

Walk Stars are crucial to the success of the Walk for Animals. Check out our fundraising resources (including tips and tools) to help you reach your goals.

The power of $1,000

Your phenomenal fundraising efforts make a difference in the lives of animals.

A lifesaving ride
A gift of $1,000 helps transport dogs from overcrowded shelter partners to safety at AHS, where they’ll receive loving care while they wait for their second chance.

A brighter future
We’re combatting animal overpopulation with your help. A gift of $1,000 allows us to spay 20 cats — that means fewer unwanted litters of kittens who may become homeless or neglected.

A second chance
AHS is the only shelter in Minnesota that can provide specialty orthopedic and dental surgeries, X-rays, and ultrasounds — all on-site. A gift of $1,000 provides X-rays for eight injured animals in need of diagnosis.



Top individuals

  1 -  Congratulations, Walk Star! Personal Gift Sally Thornton ($17,006.28)
  2 -  Congratulations, Walk Star! Personal Gift Harold Anderson ($13,674.13)
  3 -  Congratulations, Walk Star! Personal Gift Melissa Peacock ($10,761.18)
  4 -  Congratulations, Walk Star! Personal Gift Richard Hall ($10,480.35)
  5 -  Congratulations, Walk Star! Larry Gardner ($10,293.07)
  6 -  Congratulations, Walk Star! Personal Gift Jeri Meola ($10,100.00)
  7 -  Congratulations, Walk Star! Personal Gift Daniel Klobucar ($9,003.13)
  8 -  Congratulations, Walk Star! Tracy Gavin ($7,182.12)
  9 -  Congratulations, Walk Star! Janelle Dixon ($6,000.00)
  10 -  Congratulations, Walk Star! Personal Gift Anne Frenchick ($5,707.14)

Top teams

  1 -  Paws for the Cause: AHS Staff ($35,641.04)
  2 -  AHS Board of Directors ($16,874.22)
  3 -  AHS Volunteers Unleashed ($14,064.56)
  4 -  Run ALD ($9,503.13)
  5 -  Dog Days/Metro Dogs ($8,456.37)
  6 -  Happy Tales for Happy Tails ($7,416.01)
  7 -  Marianne Barnett ($4,487.68)
  8 -  Phoebe's Phriends ($4,311.94)
  9 -  Shepherd Data Pack ($3,951.83)
  10 -  JJ's Squad ($3,129.59)