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Team info

Humans are social animals! Plus, working together makes participating in the Walk more fun and meaningful!

Start or join a Walk for Animals team to increase your impact and share the love with your pack (or quarantine bubble). We haven’t gotten to where we are today by going it alone. Together, we can help even more animals.

Three or more people are required to form a Walk team.

How are prizes awarded if I’m part of a team?

Prizes are awarded based on individual fundraising accomplishments regardless of team affiliation. Team donations do not count toward individual fundraising totals.

Top fundraising teams

Friends and Family Team Challenge

  1. California Chihuahuas and Friends - $27,799.16
  2. Happy Tales for Happy Tails - $7,418.78
  3. Team Sidewalk Dog - $6,751.03
  4. Team KDWB - $6,059.12
  5. Marianne Barnett - $3,988.98

Vet Team Challenge

  1. Grand Avenue Veterinary Center - $1,343.00

Corporate Team Challenge

  1. Shepherd Data Pack - $7,208.11
  2. Gardner Builders - $6,044.41
  3. Egan Company - $2,830.15
  4. Allianz - $2,756.34
  5. The VAA Egrets - $1,360.99

AHS Staff and Volunteers

  1. Team Pawsitively United: AHS Staff - $48,776.13
  2. AHS Volunteers Unleashed - $17,571.80
  3. AHS Board of Directors - $12,946.53